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About us

The company has been incorporated by the renowned and distinguished personalities in the field of geoinformatics. We have more than 25 years of industrial and teaching experience in this field. We are a StartUP India recognised Private Limited Company.

Our Mission

Our mission is empowering the effective use of geospatial information, tools, and techniques globally. We believe in long term viability of our customers’ geospatial information investments, realizing true value for their and other related stakeholders. We are continuously developing our expertise to coordinate, educate, guide and assist the implementation, maintenance and development of geoinformatics technology. We value to give the highest ethical standards and professional principles based on the code of ethics of geospatial sciences. We give effective support, responsive, and knowledgeable services to meet our customers’ needs for geospatial issues and other geoinformatics applications.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the most reliable geospatial service and solution provider. We shall integrate all aspects of geospatial technology in a common denominator, so that our customers and other stakeholders don’t get intimidated with the complexities of this discipline. Our vision is also to increase the effectiveness and efficiencies of geoinformatics applications and spatial data by creating a true geospatial information infrastructure.