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We are the channel partner of ideaForge, Hexagon Geospatial, Trimble, Planet, Agisoft Metashape, and SGL. We sell drones, drone image processing software, GIS/RS/Photogrammetry software, survey instruments (total station, GNSS receiver, digital level, laser distance meter, laser scanner), and satellite image. In this vertical also we are committed to provide all-round solutions to our customers. We have collaborated with the following market leading OEMs to provide the best products to our customers.


ideaForge (https://ideaforgetech.com): ideaForge Limited is a product focused UAV systems organisation, developing drones for a variety of mapping and security applications. It is one of the oldest and largest drone manufacturer in India. ideaForge believes in being unrivalled at pushing the limits of what's possible with UAVs and to drive the adoption of this technology for enhancing productivity and security. Our drones are built like a Bird and tested like a Tank with the focus on delivering on the user's Mission. They boast of high performance, reliability, and autonomy to get the job done with the least stress.Our rugged drones have been tested in extreme temperatures from -20°C to +50°C*, high humidity, marine environment and dusty weather conditions to deliver reliable and consistent performance.


Agisoft Metashape (https://www.agisoft.com): Agisoft Metashape is a cutting-edge software solution, with its engine coredriving photogrammetry to its ultimate limits, while the whole system is designed to deliver industry specific results relying on machine learning techniques for post-processing and analysis tasks.The software allows to process images from RGB or multispectral cameras,including multi-camera systems, into the high-value spatial information inthe form of dense point clouds, textured polygonal models, georeferencedtrue orthomosaics and DSMs/DTMs. Further post-processing enables to eliminate shadows and texture artifacts from the models, calculate vegetationindices and extract information for farming equipment action maps, automatically classify dense point clouds, etc.Agisoft has three different computing solutions for the users: Desktop/Workstation computing, Network computing, and Cloud computing.


Hexagon Geospatial (https://hexagon.com): Hexagon Inc. is a world leading company that works in various domains. We are the channel partner of Geospatial software products. ERDAS IMAGINE, the world’s leading geospatial data authoring system, supplies tools for all your Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry and Geospatial Analysis needs.ERDAS IMAGINE provides true value, consolidating remote sensing, photogrammetry, LiDAR analysis, basic vector analysis, and radar processing into a single product.Whether you’re building real-time situational awareness applications or interactive dashboards that power your daily operations, our geospatial and location intelligence platforms give you the tools to improve custom experiences.


Trimble (https://www.trimble.com): Trimble Inc. is the world leading survey instrument manufacturer. Trimble supports global industries in building & construction, agriculture, geospatial, natural resources and utilities, governments, transportation and others. Trimble also does hardware development of global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receivers, scanners, laser rangefinders, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), inertial navigation systems and software processing tools. Your survey is incomplete and inaccurate without Trimble.


Planet (https://www.planet.com): Planet Labs PBC revolutionized the earth observation industry with the highest frequency satellite data commercially available.Planet’s data is transforming the way companies and governments use satellite imagery data, delivering insights at the daily pace of change on earth. This differentiated data set powers decision-making in a myriad of industries including agriculture, forestry, mapping, and government. Planet’s fleet of over 200 earth imaging satellites, the largest in history, images the whole Earth land mass daily. We provide daily satellite data of extreme high resolution that helps businesses, governments, researchers, and journalists understand the physical world and take action.


SGL (https://www.sgligis.com): Scanpoint Geomatics Limited is the developer of IGiS - an indigenous geoingormatics software in partnership with ISRO. This partnership has resulted in development of IGiS, a cutting edge COTS technology platform which brings GIS, Image Processing, Photogrammetry, and CAD on single platform. Backed by ISRO’s domain expertise, we aim to push forth innovation to redefine the global Geospatial industry.At SGL, they share more with you that the products they offer. They also share your drive to solve complex GIS problems, increase your yield and enable your next geospatial technology platform. Their deep understanding of Geospatial industry and the breadth of solutions they offer, make them uniquely qualified to cater your needs.


We also supply Garmin GPS receivers, camera trap, binocular, compass, bird diverters, weather station, fish finder, eco sounder, telescope, hardcopy maps, raster and vector maps, aerial photos, mirror stereoscope, lens stereoscope, solar panel, drone camera, photogrammetry workstation, desktop computer, and drone accessories.

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